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If you find that there are many bees lurking around your house, there is most likely to be a honeycomb at home, the first thing to do is identify where it is. It is not the same as the honeycomb being in a tree than on a roof or within the beams of a building.

This is the first part and is one of the most important, you have to call with a professional to have the honeycomb and bees removed.

1 - Depending on where you are, it can be more or less difficult to remove. They can be on trees, roofs, walls, chimneys or on a narrow area where they find it safe to build their colony.

In San Antonio, honeybees are more active during spring and summer in temperate zones, and are almost always active in warm areas.

In addition, bees always make their honeycombs in the form of panels, having 2 parts, one for larvae and one for honey.

2- Never underestimate a hive

There may be 10,000 or more bees in a single hive.

You may only see a portion of it (as if it were the tip of an iceberg), because the combs are usually partially hidden in trees, roofs, fireplaces, etc.

Bees always prefer to make their hives in closed places like those already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Some kinds of bees are more aggressive than others, and will adopt an attack formation or attempt to sting you individually if you approach the hive. Africanized bees are an example of these classes.

3- If it is a bee producing honey, quickly call a beekeeper in San Antonio

This class of bees is currently scarce in San Antonio, therefore its value as such is very high for beekeepers, it is more likely to offer to remove the honeycomb or at a very low price, depending on the location of the nest and the effort to remove it.

Note that not all beekeepers will be willing to do such work if they consider that effort and time are not worth it, usually if they are gigantic combs.

4- It is best to call an experienced bee removal professional in San Antonio if it is a large honeycomb.

Although firefighters can do the job, they do not specialize in dealing with hives. Even the most novice beekeepers could have problems if it is too big and too many bees.

The best option is always to contact someone experienced, both with their ability to handle their tools and their concentration when removing hives.

Delpa Bee Removal offers this service now in San Antonio Texas.

Do you have a problem at your home or business and need to get rid of bees quickly? Before you knock down a hive by yourself or use chemicals, call Delpa Bee Removal for a fast and safe bee removal solution. Delpa Bee Removal has removed millions of bees and wasps in his lifetime; and Delpa Bee Removal is licensed , and insured. Unfortunately, some people wait until too long to call and learn the hard way that stings from bees or wasps can put your health at risk. However, there is another important reason that you will want to call us right now; you can be held legally liable for anyone who gets stung on your property. Call Delpa Bee Removal right now at 210.303.9128 and get rid of your beehives safely and completely.

Removing and Relocating Bees

Delpa Bee Removal can remove and safely relocate your bees in an environmentally safe way. Recently, newspaper headlines have reported that worldwide bee populations are rapidly declining. This can seriously affect crops that rely on bees for pollination, and could translate into higher prices for certain commodities such as nuts or fruit. If this issue is a concern for you and you want to help promote bees, you will be pleased to learn that Delpa Bee Removal can remove bees from your property without killing them, and relocate them to an area they will thrive

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

The main reason for bee and wasp removal is to prevent stings. This problem is compounded if you own a commercial building or have a family member that is allergic to bee stings. Regardless, you should not attempt to take care of the problem yourself. Although you may only see a few bees, there could be hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of them building a hive on the other side of a small hole. If you attempt to remedy this situation by yourself, you could be dealing with a catastrophe that includes a trip to the emergency room. Although small, the chance that you could encounter an Africanized bee population can complicate an already dangerous situation. In other words, never assume you are just dealing with a few bees. Call a bee removal expert like The Delpa Bee Removal to get the job done properly.

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licensed , insured and Better Business Bureau Review to Remove Bees When you need to remove unwelcome bees or wasps from your property, you will want someone that is fully licensed and insured to do the proper job. This protects you as a property owner if an unforeseen circumstance should arise. The company Delpa Bee Removal in San Antonio, Texas is conducting environmentally friendly, complete bee and wasp removal. If you need to get rid of bees quickly and inexpensively, please call Delpa Bee Removal to speak with the expert.

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