Feel free to call the DELPA BEE REMOVAL if you have questions: 832.829.4439

Honey Bee Removal in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio

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Feel free to call the DELPA BEE REMOVAL if you have questions.

832.829.4439 info@beeremovalus.com 1630 Fall Valley Dr., Houston, TX 77007

DELPA experts remove bees and relocate them to a safer environment, where they pollinate crops and produce honey. We do not expose our customers or our bees to poisons or pesticides.

  • Remove bees with no harm to the bees or to the environment. (Pest Control)
  • Pesticides are never used in removals or in mite control for our hives; we use screen bottoms on the hive box for ventilation.
  • Aggressive colonies are re-queened with the hardier Russian bees which are kept at all our farms and at the Houston apiary and genetic testing is available through Texas A&M to determine if the Africanized gene is present.
  • Upon completion of the removal, we make every effort to minimize impact on structures, and provide contact information to reputable contractors with experience in returning the house/structure to the condition it was in prior to removal.
  • We provide necessary pollination services and sell honey at local farmer's markets.
  • We do this to ensure that locally grown produce and honey are available to the Houston, San Antonio and Laredo communities.
  • This creates an intimate relationship between the land, the food and the people, perpetuating respect for all beings involved in this dynamic process.